Tours & Island Activities

Bangka is rich in minerals and best known for its tin mining since it was first found in 1710. As tin mining reduces over the years, the island is opening its doors more to tourism. 

Destinations such as Gedong village in Belinyu, Rambak beach-Sungailiat, Old town of Muntok, Mount Menumbing-Muntok are some of the tourist attractions around the island.

Due to its proximity to the sea, Bangka is also rich in seafood. Chinese influence can be seen in the dishes that mainly use chinese spices. One of the favorite dish on the island is gebung or chicken fish.



A tradition of Bangka of bringing food and drinks from home for a communal feast. Typically held in conjunction with a major religious holidays. Triathletes will have the opportunity to experience first hand the tradition of Nganggung in Sungailiat Bangka. Everyone will be treated with this post race lunch immediately following the race.





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